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Bong! Comix


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Turn on! Tune in! Read BONG! Comics iconoclast, Rick Veitch unwraps a wild and wooly collection of Undergound Comix to feed the most discriminating head. Working solo or collaborating with Tom Veitch, Harvey Pekar, S.R. Bissette, Bill Kelley and Jack Weiner, Veitch produced a stream of mind blowing Underground short stories and novellas over his fifty year cartooning career. BONG! includes all of Veitch’s hallucinatory, satirical, provocative, long-out-of-print gutter classics such as Two-Fisted Zombies, The Tell-Tale Fart, Pud Pals, Momma’s Bwah and Nutpeas in one definitely Not-Safe-For-Woke volume. Adults only of course BONG! is best enjoyed while under the influence of your favorite herb!

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