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Boy Maximortal: The Complete Volume Two of the King Hell Heroica


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Rick Veitch, Don Quixote of Comics, brings his King Hell Heroica to a furious boil in this collected edition of Boy MaximortalOriginally serialized in comics, here is the complete Boy Maximortal graphic novel; Volume Two of Veitch’s planned five book cycle, the King Hell Heroica. It joins The Maximortal (Volume One) and Brat Pack (Volume Four), in the hearts and minds of discriminating superhero readers around the world.

Accelerating faster than a speeding bullet, Boy Maximortal continues the story of True-Man, now a teenager hiding from an increasingly desperate military while trying to come to grips with powers and urges far beyond those of normal men. Played against a backdrop of the sleazy underworld of comic book publishing, Veitch’s superhero deconstruction digs deep into the roots of a cultural mythos that has come to define our times.

Young True-Man is a higher dimensional entity enthralled by a cheap disposable fantasy, grappling with unearthly origins while hoping to save the world. With the government hunting him down and a girlfriend obsessed with his secret identity, life for our young super being is anything but simple.

What happens when the most powerful creature on Earth reaches puberty? What secret truth running through history has led to his manifestation? If the military catches him can he be contained? Rick Veitch continues his Eisner nominated superhero deconstruction in this highly anticipated second volume the King Hell Heroica series.

Note: the back-up material that was included in Boy Maximortal comics #1-4, is not collected in this volume. A short essay on modern superhero culture, “The Forgotten Quest”, by Veitch, is printed here for the first time.

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