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Greyshirt: Indigo Sunset


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The classic origin story of Indigo City’s mysterious Science Hero, Greyshirt. By Rick Veitch with contributions by Dave Gibbons Russ Heath, Frank Cho, Hilary Barta, David Lloyd, John Severin and Al Williamson. Story edits by Alan Moore.

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Gr. 10-up. Greyshirt, the masked hero created by Veitch and Alan Moore for the anthology Tomorrow Stories, is back in six full-color episodes that focus less on the crime fighter than on crime-ridden Indigo City, the snakelike monster called the Lure, and the city’s tough-guy criminals (and their buxom girlfriends), who strong-arm their way to success. The first issue introduces bad guys Frankie Lafayette and Johnny Apollo as boys who steal a gun and have a run-in with the Lure. They reappear later in other episodes–as adolescents, then as grown-ups trying to establish their criminal reputations and get by in a grim, violent world. Interspersed among the episodes are clever black-and-white (there’s some purple lettering as well) mock-ups of a newspaper, Indigo City Sunset, complete with comics, editorials, headline stories, and gossip (the “Indigo Poop Scoop”). The artists even make fun of themselves along the way. Art styles differ markedly in a few episodes, but there’s ample thread to connect the goings-on, in both the news articles and the episodes themselves. Skillful, silly, brazen, and sometimes violent stuff for older comics fans.

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